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About UIC


We, as a community, envision the transformation of society in response to the signs of the times to be in harmony with God's creation.


We, the members of the UIC family with strong faith in God inspired by Mary, the Mother of God and our Mother and guided by the life of Mother Ignacia del Espiritu Santo commit ourselves to:

  • Love and serve God and our neighbor in our personal and communal life;
  • Respect the dignity of the human person, especially the poor;
  • Work for justice, promote peace and preserve the integrity of creation;
  • Promote and strengthen our Filipino culture and values in the midst of modernization and globalization;
  • And exercise leadership in the pursuit of academic excellence in humanities, science and technology.


In order for us to approximate and live our mission, we dedicate all our human resources to transform the members of the UIC family to become enlightened, empowered, proactive and liberated Christian leaders living on a humane and harmonious community for love of God and love of country.

Institutional Direction

To keep UIC at par with other Catholic Universities of excellent / prestigious stature.

The RVM Community

  • The religious community, called the beaterio, becomes a center for spiritual enlightment of yndias, mestizas and even Spanish women of nobility at the time when women are denied of education, political power and a chance to be equal to men in the hispanized society. Despite wars, revolutions and suppression brought about by a patriachal society, the beaterio flourishes until the present time when the religious community takes the form of the Congregation of the Religious of the Virgin Mary (RVM).

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