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Human Resource

People Directory

Name Department
Abao, Nancy S. College
Abapo, Miralyn Madel I. College
Abas, Abdulhatta G. College
Abay, Maria Carmela S. College
Abellana, Ana M. College
Abellanosa, Liezel G. College
Abonado, Asisclo III M. College
Abonales, Marc Lin F. College
Abregunda, Niño D. College
Abueva, Eliseo B. College
Acacio, Dianne Christine F. College
Adegue IV, Dr. Cesar A. College
Adlaon, Kristine Mae M. College
Adlawan, Rubynah Ai-Ar U. College
Adrao, Johany B. College
Agang-ang, Galicano Jr. O. College
Aguisando, Maureen D. College
Alba, Antonio C. College
Aleria, John Rey A. College
Alfonso, Jessica M. College
Alinas, John Mark C. College
Alinas, Jona Mari C. College
Alontaga, Abram John C. College
Altes, Junil A. College
Amacna, Vincent Billy D. College
Amatong, Nelca Stephany U. College
Amoguis, Mary Jane B. College
Amora, Eunice Lailane B. College
Amora, Jennifer D. College
Amora, Jonel D. College
Anajao, Engr. Erwin Randell J. College
Anania, Maria Isabel L. College
Andoy, Bonifacio P. College
Angeles, Klyde Von C. College
Añonuevo, Andrea P. College
Antonio, James T. College
Aoanan, Grace O. College
Apsay, Leah C. College
Araña, Arthur T. College
Arante, Bryant S. College
Arbiol, Jennifer M. College
Armasa, Raphy M. College
Asuncion, Amorlita B. College
Atanacio, Annette L. College
Atillo, Kenneth T. College
Aton, Cedie T. College
Axalan, Teodora C. College
Aya-ay , Adorico M. College

Name Department
Babiera II, Rene M. College
Bacayo, May Florence d. College
Baclaan, Jr., Ernesto V. College
Bacolod, Susana A. College
Bacon, Queen Jane M. College
Badang, Maria Cleofe N. College
Badiang, Jr., Rogelio O. College
Badong, Venchie C. College
Badong, Warren C. College
Bajana, Angel Constantine A. College
Balaba, Jeaneth Michelle L. College
Balais, Jason P. College
Balaman, Clyde Chester R. College
Balangue, Val G. College
Balante, Jay M. College
Balante, Nathaniel D. College
Balderas, Nowa Cyrhyl C. College
Baldestamon, Noli S. College
Balmorez, Liza Amor A. College
Balubayan, Christopher D. College
Bañas, Eden Grace G. College
Bandoy, Anna-Lee B. College
Bangi, Juniejie B. College
Bantillo, Victoria R. College
Banzuelo, Melvin John H. College
Baradillo, Danilo G. College
Barluado, Mary Jane G. College
Basingan, Felinuel A. College
Baslot, Maria Theresa C. College
Batican, Ericson D. College
Batistil, Rigil Kent Joseph F. College
Bautista, Edgar Japeth E. College
Bello, Maureen Ava M. College
Belonta, Mona Liza M. College
Beltran, Harrold U. College
Benablo, Ceasar Ian P. College
Bernales Jr., Samson A. College
Betinol, Elizer P. College
Biangco, Rosalyn A. College
Bibat, Adonis C. College
Bilbao, Arfel John L. College
Bilog, Dunhill Z. College
Bitacura, Antonette T. College
Blasquez, Roldan B. College
Bolaño, Elpat V. College
Bombeo, Melchor Q. College
Bonhoc, Patrick P. College
Bonsucan, Elton John S. College
Borja, Michelle M. College
Borla, Ronald D. College
Boron, Vincent Ray O. College
Brieta, Ferlien Mae B. College
Brila, Jr., Nestor Q. College
Briones, Junreyglen L. College
Brodith, Vaughn Allan P. College
Buelis, Glenn Charls L. College
Buenavidez, Karlo B. College
Bulacan, Jessica T. College
Buladaco, Mark Van M. College

Name Department
Caballero Jr., Teodoro S. College
Caballero, Jeremiah N. College
Caballero, Sadhana Marie S. College
Cabangil, Ma. Theresa M. College
Cabañog, Lloyd Allan T. College
Cabasagan, Fe Luz O. College
Cabasagan, Fe Luz O. College
Cablinda, Aira Mae B. College
Cabugsa, Josephus G. College
Cacho, Maria Cristina E. College
Cagampang, Kim Ryan T. College
Cagape, Rajiv G. College
Caintic, Kristofer John R. College
Cajes, Shirley Ann P. College
Calalas, Camille Angelie B. College
Calamba, Dante O. College
Calamba, Michael G. College
Calangian, Czarina Krista G. College
Calipusan, Josefina M. College
Camacho, Phelma O. College
Cambronero, Agnes V. College
Caminade, Leonora L. College
Cañal, Riza K. College
Canda, Maureen C. College
Capangpangan, Heide Mae P. College
Capundag, Silyn N. College
Cardenas, Noedith L. College
Carrim, Gnie Shahnaz G. College
Cartoneros, Jasper B. College
Casalan, Florie C. College
Casas, Michael A. College
Casas, Reimar M. College
Cascaro, Rhodessa J. College
Casquejo, Ma. Nanette S. College
Casquejo, Marlon S. College
Castañares, Gretchie T. College
Castañares, Julius C. College
Castillo, Cromwell M. College
Castillo, Marissa Inocencia F. College
Castro, Annaliza R. College
Castro, Donnabelle A. College
Castro, Joven R. College
Castromayor, Iven Christ L. College
Catalan, Marx P. College
Catulong, Keziah Amor S. College
Catulong, Richard B. College
Causing, Norienel D. College
Cavan, Josefrediswenda T. College
Cawaling, Carmelita V. College
Cayogyog, Alvin O. College
Ced, Charissa M. College
Cedeño, Ma. Preciosa B. College
Cejas, Neria O. College
Centina, Giann May V. College
Cervera, Ronell C. College
Chavez, Mary Rose E. College
Chua, Jason T. College
Chua, Steven Adrianne M. College
Ciudadano, Thelma S. College
Cloribel, Shenna Rhea M. College
Comidoy, Ric Glenn A. College
Coronel, Anacleto D. College
Corpuz, Florante B. College
Corrales, Jocelyn B. College
Cosal, Reymond M. College
Cosare, Noemi Grace S. College
Crisologo, Marvelee P. College
Cruz, John Paul T. College
Cruzada, Ma. Veronica B. College
Cuabo, Venus A. College
Cuñado, Lidda N. College
Cuyno, Ian Gabrielle M. College

Name Department
Dalumpines, Joy Mae P. College
Dangoy, Fetchita S. College
Daquioag, Lorilyn P. College
Dauz, Sheila Mae C. College
Dayhon, Diosdado P. College
Dayon, Charlie A. College
De Guia, Emmalyn F. College
De Guzman, Ma. Arceli R. College
De Guzman, Marina Agnes T. College
De Leon, Vill Patrick M. College
Dedoroy, Joel Daniel S. College
Degorio, Nathaniel B. College
Dehino, Peachy Cleo F. College
Dela Torre, Eugene B. College
Dela Vega, Grace G. College
Dela Vega, Perlita P. College
Delatado, Chris Israel N. College
Deligero, Richard Samuel M. College
Deligero, Robert S. College
Deloso, Jana Grace M. College
Delponso, Marinelle T. College
Demol, Francis Anthony S. College
Develos, Kimberly Marie S. College
Diana, Salvador, Jr. P. College
Dimas, Mechelle A. College
Dingal, Charlymer Jr. C. College
Dionisio, Ma. Cristina B. College
Domine, Danilo Jr. S. College
Domingo, Joan Marie S. College
Dominguez, Analyn C. College
Dragon, Gelsa G. College
Duarna, Rosario P. College
Duarte, Rachel C. College
Dublin, Kleah Gayle G. College
Dumanig, Jopal Matthew M. College
Dupa, Lilian B. College
Durano, Lourivy P. College

Name Department
Ejar, Sheena Mae I. College
Elbanbuena, Patricia O. College
Elisan, Maria Mirasol R. College
Eman, Roñard C. College
Emia, Jasmin H. College
Engcoy, Carisma C. College
Enobio, Nida B. College
Escudero, Lucia M. College
Escurzon, Reynold S. College
Español, Irish May L. College
Española, Jemimah Keziah C. College
Espanto, Narlina A. College
Estandarte, Elmer E. College
Evangelista, Nena M. College

Name Department
Feliciano, Hilda A. College
Felicilda, Joel E. College
Fernandez III, Ferdinand John F. College
Fernandez Jr., Emmanuel C. College
Fernandez, Anamae Blair L. College
Fernandez, Benjamin Jr. C. College
Fernandez, Jay Ar C. College
Fernandez, Jovito T. College
Fernandez, Philip Virgil L. College
Fernandez, Valerie L. College
Flores, Jerry R. College
Flores, Shariff V. College
Fordaliza, Aireen Michelle H. College
Forones, Alberto G. College
Frigillano, Jasmin Angeli O. College
Fuentes, Aiza D. College
Fuentes, Consuelo Celine O. College
Fuentes, Emma Concepcion M. College
Fuentes, Jovic A. College

Name Department
Ga-ang, Jason S. College
Gabasa, Anne Lorraine M. College
Gajo, Dennis B. College
Galindo, Maribeth Q. College
Gamorot, Myra M. College
Ganancial, Ernest Joseph Louis .. College
Garlitos, Philip Andrew L. College
Gaspar, Charity Leene S. College
Gatela, Helen Grace B. College
Gemongala, Kissey Dimple A. College
Gemongala, Maricar C. College
Gestuveo, Jose D. College
Goleng, Rogerbert Jr. T. College
Gonzaga, Aissa Mae T. College
Gonzales, Arneda Jean S. College
Gonzales, Luzviminda L. College
Grana, Nelbert A. College
Gravino, Dr.Ma.Teresa M. College
Gravino, Maria Teresa M. College
Gringco, Lilibeth B. College
Guadalupe, Gemma E. College
Gualvez, Lloyd Jason H. College
Guay, Richmond Rey G. College
Guerrero, Jose V. College
Gulanes, Ronald Jay L. College
Gumia, Nikko Paolo P. College
Guo Wang, SM, Fr. John .. College

Name Department
Habla, Rebecca P. College
Herrero, Chester E. College
Hinay Jr., Alfredo A. College
Hinlog Jr., Ramon P. College
Hondos, Joyce S. College

Name Department
Ibarra, Sied Jeremiah C. College
Ignas, Louella Bianca L. College
Infante, Bienvenido E. College
Inte, Karl Christian L. College

Name Department
Jabido, Jessica Therese D. College
Jacosalem, Nancy P. College
Jadraque, Angelo E. College
Jaectin, Roncesvalle D. College
Jagape, Marie Azeneth J. College
Jamora, Jon Francis C. College
Jardeloza, Joel P. College
Jarina, Delia B. College
Jaroda, Graile Ann A. College
Java, Jive A. College
Juaban, Carifel J. College

Name Department
Kempis, Stephen A. College
Kotah, Benson P. College

Name Department
Labasano, Amylyn F. College
Labo, Jonathan A. College
Ladaga, Mary Frauline V. College
Lagunilla, Valene Grace L. College
Langaman, Larry Jay B. College
Lao, Maria Bea C. College
Laorden, Norelle May O. College
Lapore, Amelia A. College
Lara, Glen T. College
Laroya, Jan Vincent B. College
Laruan, Eugene V. College
Laud, Noel V. College
Laya, Erwin B. College
Laya, Mona L. College
Legaspi, James Anthony G. College
Legaspina, Edwaldo L. College
Lelis, Christhoffer P. College
Liao, Ruth Emily A. College
Libando, Karren Grace B. College
Liguid, Engelica B. College
Lim, Dustin Hyrel Y. College
Limbadan, Nelly Z. College
Lindo, Aaron Nathaniel D. College
Linoy, Jeizl M. College
Lismoras, Liezl Niña L. College
Lopez, Maria Cecilia L. College
Lopez, Marian Altephany Celine F. College
Loqueloque, Lenore A. College
Lorenzo, Esther Mae U. College
Lucas, Leoncio P. College
Luga, Princy A. College
Lulo, Oliver A. College
Lumacad, Philip R. College
Lumampao, Luden A. College
Lumanag, Joyce G. College

Name Department
Maadil, Datu Al-Muhaymin E. College
Macol, Ferdinand D. College
Magale, Arbie Mae R. College
Magbanua, Shay Joseph Marie B. College
Magsayo, Yvonne B. College
Mahinay, Desteen Abegail F. College
Mahinay, Rene Y. College
Mahinay, Ruby Felina D. College
Majarucon, Jeanie C. College
Makol, Jennifer B. College
Mamonong, Virgion H. College
Mamora, Samuel Herbert T. College
Maneja, Flordeliza M. College
Manero, Cris John David R. College
Maningo, Lorelie C. College
Manluyang, Ana Lou Grace S. College
Manoos, Charmie T. College
Mañoza, Jose Marlo B. College
Manreal, Michelle L. College
Manseras, Aurora Cristina A. College
Manseras, Roy B. College
Maprangala, Jay Ron V. College
Maranguit, Sharmayne A. College
Margallo, Eduardo N. College
Marquez, Jason N. College
Marquez, Jocris N. College
Marte, Ana Marie C. College
Mascariñas, Jonas P. College
Masculino, Carla Mae M. College
Mata, Jun L. College
Mayormita, Edwin I. College
Mepico, Noemie S. College
Merin, Kenny James P. College
Migalbin, Regine Joyce G. College
Mindo, Roland Anthony M. College
Miraflores, Zarlyn C. College
Mirafuentes, Brian C. College
Mirafuentes, Teresita C. College
Miranda-Recla, Jocelyn L. College
Montajes, Jesus A. College
Montebon, Maria Christa G. College
Morales, Sonia S. College
Moreno, Eric A. College
Mortejo, Armando A. College
Moso, Raymundo S. College
Muaña, Cherrie G. College
Muchillas, Marion P. College
Murillo, Sheila T. College

Name Department
Nacua, Joan S. College
Nacus, Thucydades S. College
Nahial, Donnah D. College
Nahine, Michael Bryan V. College
Nalitan, Maricel V. College
Nalla, Glene A. College
Namoc, Rith P. College
Narciso, Norberto P. College
Nariz, Jamel B. College
Narreto, Mark Roel B. College
Natad, Joan S. College
Navales, Abigail A. College
Nemeño, Hannah Grace M. College
Neyra, Alvin John J. College
Nieves, Raul L. College
Nipas, Mark Joseph G. College
Nogodula, Judee N. College
Northrup, Camela Mae A. College

Name Department
Obenque, Michael M. College
Obregon, Matthew Mark D. College
Ochave, Jeresa May C. College
Odal, Charles Wisley Z. College
Odarve, Victor E. College
ODI, JOYZEL R. College
Odruña, Rudevalio N. College
Olaño, Kathleen B. College
Oñas, Kristine E. College
Oquendo, Francis Paulo C. College
Orcullo, Jennifer O. College
Oronan, Cristiann M. College
Orque, John Orly C. College
Ortega, Hector T. College
Ortega, Josefina T. College
Ortega, Kate Diane R. College
Ortiz, Ellen May D. College
Ortonio, Emmanuel G. College
Otaza, Donaldrhee B. College
Ozoa, Roxanne C. College

Name Department
Pacquiao, Ian Ace A. College
Pactor, Reyh U. College
Pagulong, Diary Rose S. College
Palarca, Virgilind V. College
Palarpalar, Mary Grace S. College
Pamisa, Geraldine L. College
Paracha, Shekira Faith L. College
Paramo, Orcheliza L. College
Parantar, Armando B. College
Parcon, Emerson G. College
Pareja, Hannah A. College
Parilla, April Joy D. College
Pasicolan, Vivien Leigh F. College
Pastoriza, Glenn C. College
Pelias, Lester Dave L. College
Peloto, Angelyn B. College
Peñaloza, Jessycka Ayn R. College
Perez, Jun Jay C. College
Perez, Mitchelle S. College
Pilapil, Cherry Ann G. College
Pitlo, John Marco M. College
Plarizan, Ma. Lourdes P. College
Plazo, Maria Mabel G. College
Pobre, Glenn P. College
Ponpon, Jonie Gen T. College
Poralan, Porferia S. College
Pre, Victoria T. College
Pregua , Helenne U. College
Priete, Rochelle A. College

Name Department
Querequincia, Alan Paul C. College
Quinamot, Shiela Mae V. College
Quiño, Daniel Ryan D. College
Quintana, Lou Martin T. College

Name Department
Ramirez, Adrian Carlo L. College
Ramirez, Lloyd F. College
Ramos, Emma N. College
Ramos, Jenny Mae B. College
Ramos, Kris May Lyn A. College
Ranalan, Rhodora S. College
Ranes, Mark Luckee M. College
Ravago, Asuncion G. College
Reancho, Michelle C. College
Redaniel, Charity P. College
Reginio, Francis N. College
Reginio, Nash N. College
Rejuso, Leana A. College
Relopez, Emielyn A. College
Remulta, Arnold P. College
Requiso, Joey M. College
Reyes, Romeo O. College
Reynes, Raymund A. College
Ribo, Annabelle A. College
Ribo, Ferdinand Z. College
Rillo, John Darrel D. College
Rivera, Edelyn Grace P. College
Rivera, Rogelio Jr. L. College
Rocero, Napoleon I. College
Romarate, Perfectua T. College
Romero, Gleynald June M. College
Romo, Mar Chester M. College
Rosalejos, Ivy M. College
Rosales, Robelyn May T. College
Ruiz, Ruben M. College
Rusiano, Iza Lourdes D. College

Name Department
Saavedra, Alan S. College
Sabido, Philip Miguel A. College
Sagarino, Emma V. College
Sakib, Sittie Jamairah A. College
Salem, Juliet M. College
Salibay, Kristine Monica C. College
Saliva, Bryan G. College
Saludar, Claide Kinneth A. College
Salvador, Christine Fennie T. College
San Jose, Ariel E. College
San Juan, Mila Grace C. College
San Juan, Mila Grace C. College
San Pablo, Karen Rachel J. College
Sapar, Stefi Jerone Y. College
Sarabia, Ace Ronald C. College
Sarabillo, Myrna T. College
Sardiña, Lorelli P. College
Sarona, Jazzie M. College
Sarona, Jazzie M. College
Segundo, Mark Arlo H. College
Serapio, Sharlynne Grace T.. College
Servillon, Rvin John T. College
Sevilla, Mignol Karl Margaret P. College
Siarez, Lourd Wally A. College
Silva, Sheldon Jay S. College
Silvosa, John Christopher C. College
Simbulas, Lolly Jean C. College
Sinfuego, Roel A. College
Singson, Lina D. College
Sison Jr., Emiliano Z. College
Sobong, Karlo Ramir G. College
Soguilon, Aireen May E. College
Solana, Ma. Cecilia D. College
Solito, Rueben V. College
Solomon, Jo-Ann Y. College
Sombilla, Aylmer Ronnel L. College
Stormowski, Robert M. College
Suarez, Florence S. College
Sucuano, Jean V. College
Sy Jr., Melecio A. College

Name Department
Tabada, Cleo Fe S. College
Tabasa, Mary Ann S. College
Tagaytay, Fe Monique M. College
Talaña, Reah Vannessa Y. College
Talavera, Nepthaly C. College
Tamondong, Kirk V. College
Tan, Kris Kristofferson T. College
Tandog, Kristian Vincent D. College
Tanglao, Ramon D. College
Tarnate, Rea Angelique V. College
Te, Danilo M. College
Te, Francis Rhett C. College
Tecson, Norma L. College
Templado, Jay M. College
Timario, Ranti R. College
Tizon, Lance Renz T. College
Toleran, Jeffrey N. College
Tolosa, Jillovelyn B. College
Tongo, Pamela A. College
Tormo, Monalie T. College
Torre, Aimee Ruth S. College
Torrecampo II, Ernesto C. College
Torreon, Maria Ledeza T. College
Traya, Lynn D. College
Trinidad, Peter Neil E. College
Trondillo, Jandryle U. College
Tubal, Diovir C. College
Tupas Jr., Hermoso J. College
Tupas, Xennie Y. College
Turno, Jocelyn J. College

Name Department
Ulla, Elwells B. College
Uyanguren, Dorothy C. College

Name Department
Valdevieso, Mary Grace B. College
Vales, Marlou B. College
Vargas, Ruel T. College
Vasay, Ma. Juliet G. College
Velasco, Pauline Angeline R. College
Velesrubio, Annalee M. College
Vergara, Gilbert L. College
Viadoy, Anatalio .. College
Vidad, Ryan B. College
Vidal, Arlington A. College
Villarreiz, Lelynvil Socorro M. College

Name Department
Yamson, Maria Kristina A. College
Yap, Francisco Jaime C. College
Yara, Janetel Jill R. College
Yee Jr., Enrico C. College
Yray, Estela O. College
Yu, Orpha Joy V. College
Yurango, Carlito P. College
Yurango, Neñes J. College

Career Opportunities

  • For immediate hiring: part-time faculty for MS Pharmacy to teach the following subjects:
    1. Pharmacy - Research Methodology;
    2. Advance Pharmaceutical Quality control;
    3. Advance Pharmaceutical Chemistry;
    4. New Products & formulation.

    Please see the Human Resource Office, Fr. Selga St., Davao City