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The Research and Development Center is a university-wide, multi-disciplinary research component of the University of the Immaculate Conception under the direct supervision of the President.

The Research and Development Center has administrative responsibilities, particularly in assisting the faculty, the graduate and the under graduate students in their research and research related activities.


A community of scholars deeply rooted in Christ, seeking for truth and wisdom with the end in view of contributing to the transformation of society.


The Research and Development Center commits to:

  1. Contribute to Development through research programs, projects and studies on the socio-economic, histo-cultural, educational, spiritual, environmental, health, technological and political needs of the community it serves.
  2. Address the other basic and developmental needs of UIC such as:
    • Making the University more responsive, as well as relevant to society.
    • Developing an active research work among faculty and students.
    • Promoting a society where justice, peace, and love prevail.
    • Helping established a progressive community that leads into a fulfilling Christian life.

Science Resource Center

  • Father Selga main campus in Davao City, the SRC is the University's full - service laboratory.
  • The SRC has facilities for physical / chemical, pharmaceutical and microbiological testing and research. Licensed chemists, pharmacists, a medical technologist, and seasoned laboratory analysts man the Center.
  • Through the SRC, the University provides it science faculty and students with technical assistance as well as with extensive, in-house hands-on training on sophisticated equipment.
  •

SRC Testing Services

At the UIC Science Resource Center, customers are assured of prompt service, fair prices, and a helpful staff. See link below for complete list of laboratory services offered.

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