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UIC Scholarship Foundation, Inc.
University of the Immaculate Conception Fr. Selga St., Davao City
(082) 221.8090 local 114/130 Fax (082) 226.2676

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Father Selga Campus

UIC Scholarship Foundation Inc.

Your generosity, A youth's future

About the UIC Scholarschip Foundation Inc.

... Serves as the service arm of the University for managing ang streamlining all financial aid and assistance, including government loan programs extended to deserving but financially disadvantaged students.


1. Ensure that the deserving but economically disadvantaged youth of society are benefited by the foundation;
2. Ensure that the intent of the donors and benefactors are carried out and benefit the intended beneficiary;
3. Ensure that UIC institutional scholarship program is aligned with the purposes and objectives of the University.

What we do for our partners

1. Identify and screen beneficiaries in accordance with the criteria set by the donors and that of the University;
2. Monitor academic performance of beneficiaries;
3. Administration of funds donated
4. Reports to donors and benefactors
5. Recognition of doors during graduation and other occasions
6. Publication of Grants at UIC's Website (unless otherwise expressed by donors)

Types of Donations

1. General Fund

Cash donations that are pooled to support a scholar and are categorized as unrestricted funds;

2. Grants

Restricted funds may carry the name of the donor unless otherwise wished by donor.

Services provided to Scholars

1. Academic Monitoring

Scholars maintain required academic performance to continue receiving the benefits of the scholarship. Monitoring their academic performance ensures they stay within the parameters of the scholarship requirements.

2. Guidance and Counselling

Scholars having difficult adjusting to a new academic environment are assisted through consultation with faculty and administration concerned and provided guidance and counselling either through the Guidance Center or the Scholarship Office.

3. Values Formation

Scholars are able to benefit from a Christian quality education through the generosity of donors and benefactors. The UIC Scholarship program passes this virtue of the University: Faith, Service, and Excellence

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